Suprisingly easy intercom and access system

Unlock and get videocalls on the welcomebob app

Case study: Ordnung Office Hotels

Video intercom with brass finish

Ordnung, The 2nd largest officehotel chain in Denmark have installed WelcomeBob on all of their 13 locations handling 250+ companies. They get:
– Improved customer experience
– Companies are welcoming their own guests
– Delegate administration of access to customers
– High end first contact point for visitors

WelcomeBob video intercom office layout

Making a call

Making a call with welcomebob videointercom for office

A digital key right on you phone

Never forget your keys again!
When using WelcomeBob, you can allways unlock the door from the app, no matter where you are.
Unlock for a colleague or delivery from your desk on when in transit.
Unlock office door with the WelcomeBob app

Add a new colleague in seconds

add user in seconds in the app

It is easy for a ‘manager’ of a company to add a new user to the system.
It takes under a minute and is done for free through the WelcomeBob app. It is easy to keep the system updated and see whos name is on the intercom and who has digital keys to the office. The names is updated on the intercom when added in the app.

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